How to Become a Human Rights Professional



Isabelle’s book on How to Become a Human Rights Professional is the ultimate career guide for anyone who wants to learn more about human rights advocacy. This practical book is written by a human rights specialist with over a decade of experience and is designed to help individuals, whether they are just starting or have years of experience, to become successful human rights professionals. The book covers a range of topics, including the difference between human rights and civil rights, the role of human rights education, creating your own NGO, human rights consultancy, conducting human rights training, and engaging in legislative advocacy for human rights. With actionable advice, Isabelle’s book is a quick read that provides readers with the knowledge and skills they need to advance their career in the field of human rights. Whether you want to advocate for human rights, offer consultancy services, or open your own NGO, How to Become a Human Rights Professional is the perfect guide to help you achieve your goals.