A Letter from the First lady

Summers are very busy for me. This is the time when I travel…for business. Mid June-July I am usually in New York for a couple of weeks to help coordinate and organize with the team of Youth for Human Rights International, the most amazing Summit for human rights advocacy at the United Nations headquarters.

This time, I was just wrapping up an amazing 3-day Summit for Youth for Human Rights International at the United Nations getting to spread the message of human rights, when I received a pleasant surprise – a letter from First Lady Melania Trump.

Annually, I set myself targets and goals that need to be achieved by the end of each year. In 2018, some of these were to learn another foreign language (Arabic) and to write to a few influential female role models that have an interest or impact in the human rights field.

I have come across the Be Best initiative, a public awareness campaign launched recently in the year and focusing on the well-being of youth, and advocating against bullying and drug abuse. That is when I decided to write my letter to the First Lady of the United States, the promoter and founder of the campaign. I have shared my work in the human rights area and my passion for helping others.

I have been working for several years now with Youth for Human Rights International, using their educational materials in promoting human rights. From what I’ve seen and witnessed I can say that it proved to be the best anti-bullying program hands down I’ve ever worked with. Plus, is free for educators!

Beyond honored and humbled to receive a reply back from FLOTUS. Looking forward to contribute to the Be Best campaign in any way I can!